Happy Mothers Day 2015

Mother Quotes and Poetry

- Maan Ki Taraf Piyar Se Dekhna Bhi Ibadat Hai. – Maan Khuda ki Taraf Se Ek Besh Baha Tohfa Hai, Hamesha Is Tohfay ki Qadar Karen. – Wafa Karni Hai to Maan Baap Se Karo. Ye Dunya Ap Se Tabhi Piyar Kare Gi Jab Ap Ke Paas Dunya Walon Ke Lye Kuch Hoga. – Apni Zabaan ki Tezi Us Maan Ko Mat Dekhao Jis Ne Tumhe Bolna Sikhaya. – Is Dunya Ki Sab Se Haseen Cheez Ye Hai Ke Ap Apne Wa... »

Darinde ab nahin hain jangalon me

Darinday Ab Nahin Han Jungalo Mei!!

Mujhe Shahron Sey Andazaa Hua Hay, Darinday Ab Nahin Han Jungalo Mei!! Incoming search terms:urdu reality quotesLink this item! »

Qabristan Aise Logon Se Bhare Pare Han..

Qabristan Aise Logon Se Bhare Pare Han, Jo Ye Samajhte The Ke Dunya Un Ke Baghair Nahi Chal Sakti! Link this item! »

Expecting is My Favorite Crime!

Expecting is my favorite crime! & Disappointment is always my punishment!   Filed in Quotes   Link this item! »

Before Judging My Life…

Before You Judge Me, My Life, My Past or My Character, Walk in My Shoes; Walk the Path I have traveled. Incoming search terms:before judging me walk my path quotesLink this item! »

Bitter Reality

  Bitter Reality People will be wishing you all success in the world.. and then They will hate you when you get it..   Filed in Urdu English Sad Quotes   Incoming search terms:bitter reality quotes hindiLink this item! »

When I was Helpful

  When I was helpful to others, they thought that I was Buttering, and now when I stopped helping others, They call it Attitude!   Read More English Urdu Quotes Link this item! »

Its a Grey December

  Its a Grey December! The Leaves Have All Turned Brown. All The Birds Of Summer Are Packing Up To Leave The Town And So It Goes…   The Frost Takes The Last Rose And All The Fields Will B Frozen SooN…   The Hills Would See The Winter Snow Soon.   Happy Last Days of December Link this item! »

Who Lost Faith, Lost ALL

One who lost wealth, lost much; One who lost friend, lost much more; One who lost faith, lost ALL…   Posted in Urdu English Quotes Link this item! »

Flash Big Smile

I have been taught that flash BIG SMILE to everybody. Even you know, what they have done to U.   Read More in Quotes   Link this item! »

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