Before Judging My Life…


Before You Judge Me, My Life,

My Past or My Character, Walk in My Shoes;

Walk the Path I have traveled.

Live My Doubts, My Sorrow,

My Fear, My Pain and My Smile.

Remember! Everyone Has His Own Story,

When You Have Lived My Life!

Its Then You Could Judge My Life!


Live Life with your BELOVED ONES!

Rain is annoying, if you are getting wet lonely…

Pizza is just a kind of junk food if there are no more than a pair of hands picking it up…

Beach is the dirtiest place when there is no one to hold your hand and walk by the side…

Songs are just a time pass if they do not remind you of some one special…

NO MATTER! How Short Life Is…….

Live it with your BELOVED ONES!


Awesome Question and Beautiful Answer

Somebody asked me

How’s your life?

I smiled and replied

“SHE Is Fine”


what is LIFE…

When you get Closer to someone, you can realise that what is LOVE.


When that one starts avoiding you, you can realise that what is LIFE.


If You Think Positive!

If Your Think Positive!

Sound Becomes Melody,

Movement Becomes Gesture,

Smiles Become Laughter,

Silence Becomes Consideration,


Life Becomes Celebration!


When You are in Good Time!

When you’re in good time, your mistakes are considered as jokes.

But when you’re in bad time, even your jokes are considered and noticed as mistakes.


Poisons in Their Hearts

A scorpion has the poison in its tail…

A snake has the poison in its teeth…

Its the only human being who have poison in their hearts…!


Permanent Decisions against Temporary Emotions

A number of people end up their relations unhappy, because

they make,

“Permanent Decisions


Temporary Emotions”


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