Gayi RutoN Me To Shaam O Sehar Na The Aise


Gayi ruton main to sham o sehar na they Eyse
Kay ham udaas buhat they mager na they Eyse

Yahan bhee phool say chehray dekhayi daite they
Yeh ub jo hen, yahe deevar o dar na they Eyse

Melay to kher, na melne pe ranjeshen kesi
Kay us say apne marasim they per na they Eyse

Rafakatun say mara hun, musafatun say nahe
Safer wahi tha mager ham-safar na they Eyse

Hameen they jo taire aany taluk jaley varna
Sabhee chiragh sar e rehguzar na they Eyse

Dil e tabah! tujhe Or kiya tassalli dain
Tairey naseeb, taire chara-ger na they Eyse


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