Islami Muashra Essay in Urdu

Islami Muashra Essay in Urdu

Hey students, here is Islami Muashra Essay or Speech in Urdu for you guys. It describes characteristics of an Islamic society (islami muashray ki khususiyat) with the help of supportive ahadees mubarak on the subject.

I am also adding English translation of this Islamic Muashra speech. It will help you prepare for your school or college essay competitions.

Islami Mashra Essay in Urdu

islami muashra in urdu speech
  Islamic Society Essay and Speech in English

Respected sir and all my fellows!

An Islamic society represents people who believe in one God, ALLAH, one prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and one Quran. They believe in the life after death and angels of ALLAH. Their traditions, lifestyle, duties, rights and politics, everything is obeying to one ALLAH, one prophet Muhammad (sallallaho alaihe wasallam) and one Quran.

Islamic society educates about the oneness of God, apostleship, equality, sacrifice, simplicity, chastity, brotherliness, courtesy and to preach others for good deeds. People in an Islamic society sacrifice for others. They never discriminate to deliver rights of the people. There is no difference between white, black, Arab, non-Arab, poor, rich, junior and senior in the society.

Respected Sir!
It is self-explanatory that a society where people have love, respect, and brotherliness for others, there everyone will live in peace and calmness.

I finish this speech on the saying of Prophet Muhammad (sallallaho alaihe wasallam):

“You would see Muslims that they are compassionate, loving and benignant to each other. Muslims are like a body that if a single part of the body is in pain, the whole body feels the pain.”





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