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aye rahe haq ke shaheedo

Aye Rahe Haq K Shaheedo anthem (tarana) was sung by Madam Noor Jahan after Pak India war in 1965 to raise the morale of Pakistan Army Jawans. It was released in October 1965 after the war. This song grew incredibly popular across whole Pakistan. Madam Noor Jahan with her voice and patriotic songs played a vital role in rocking the emotions of every young and old at that time. Yet 50 years later, Aye Raah e Haq Tarana keeps us alive and makes us remember the sacrifices given by Pakistan Armed Forces. Find song lyrics and download the Mp3 audio.

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Ae Rahe Haq Ke Shaheedo Mp3 Download (Noor Jahan)

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Aye Rahe Haq k Shaheedo Lyrics in Urdu



Aye Rahe Haq Kay Shaheedo, Wafa Ki Tasveero
Tumhe Watan Ki Hawain Salam Kehti Hain..

Aye Rahe Haq Kay Shaheedo

Lagane Aag Jo Aaye The Aashiyane Ko
Wo Sholay Apne Lahoo Se Bujha Diye Tum Ne
Bacha Liya Hai Yatimi Se Kitne Phoolon Ko
Suhag Kitni Baharon Ke Rakh Liye Tum Ne
Tumhe Chaman Ki Fazaaein Salam Kehti Hain

Aye Rahe Haq Kay Shaheedo

Chalay Jo Hoge Shahadat Ka Jam Pi Kar Tum
Rasool e Pak Ne Banhon Mei Le Liya Hoga
Ali Tumhari Shahadat Pe Jhoomte Honge
Hussain Pak Ne Irshad Ye Kiya Hoga
Tumhe Khuda Ki Razaen Salam Kehti Hain

Aye Rahe Haq Kay Shaheedo

Janab e Fatima Jigar e Rasool Ke Aage
Shaheed Ho Ke Kiya Maan Ko Surkhuru Tum Ne
Janab e Hazrat e Zainab Gawahi Deti Hain
Shaheedo Rakhi Hai Behnon Ki Aabroo Tum Ne
Watan Ki Betiyan Maayen Salam Kehti Hain

Ae Rahe Haq Ke Shaheedo, Wafa Ki Tasveero
Tumhe Watan Ki Hawain Salam Kehti Hain..

Aye Rahe Haq Kay Shaheedo





  1. Unknown voice is of Mehnaaz and

    Such a patriotic song with mesmerizing poetry…. cant explain the feelings whenever being listened

  2. I am starting to hate this song because my music sir selected me for the solo of this song and practicing again and again makes me scream :cry:

  3. This heart touching Patriotic Song was written by great National Poet late “Musheer Kazmi ” during 1965 war between Pakistan and India. Further more it is to clarify that this song was originally sung by singer Naseem Begum !
    Please visit Musheer Kazmi facebook and read his other National poetry.
    Thank you all.
    Saqlain Kazmi/ Son of Musheer Kazmi.


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