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Sad Poetry in Urdu and great collection of shayari sms are frequently updated here at It is a unione of sad poetry and shayari sms. Get to the appropriate category and find out your desired piece. So, Read but with imagination!

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South Asia has been a land of poets. It gave us many legend poets and that is why, reading shayari and ghazals is common hobby especially in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other South Asian countries. Addressing the passionate zeal of readers we are presenting huge collection of sad poetry in urdu said by great legendary poets. understands that readers have different moods and when they search sad urdu poetry or simply poetry in urdu, they seek it according to their feelings, sensations and emotions. We publish ghazals and ashaar into different categories.
Users can choose the appropriate category and make their study from their desired selection. Being it a sad poetry website, most of the collection we upload belongs to sad and tragic version. We have also categorized this website poet-wise, so that, if you want to read Ghazals and ashaar from a particular poet, you would let us offer it as well. Carry on your reading and indulge yourself into a world of quotes, ashaar and Urdu ghazals. Reading Teasers of Ghalib, meaningful ashaar of Faraz and complicated ghazals of Mir at just makes sense.

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